Get Started with Docxy

Get started with Docxy and build your documentation application in a few minutes.

Step 1 - Create Docxy project

docxy create my-awesome-docs
cd my-awesome-docs

This will create the my-awesome-docs directory and populate it with the initial files & configurations from the Docxy starter template repository.

This will create two directories contents and static inside the newly created my-awesome-docs directory.

The contents directory is where your documentation and Docxy configuration lives. And anything you put inside the static directory will be available in the root of your website as static assets.

You can use the starter repository template to create your repository if you don't want to use the create command for some reason.

Step 2 - Initialize Docxy project

docxy init

This will setup your project directory for Docxy development and install all the necessary dependencies required for the process.

Step 3 - Voilà 🎊

Your Docxy application is now ready.

docxy serve

This will start a development server and show you the local address where it can be accessed. Visit it to see a live preview of your Docxy application in your browser.

This is a hot-reloading development server. Which means, any changes you make to your documentation will be updated as soon as you save the files. Write documentations and see a live preview side-by-side!

Step 4 - Write your heart out

Write your documentations using Markdown and put the files inside the contents directory.

There's also the config.yaml file inside the contents directory which can be used to configure and customize your Docxy application. See the configuration docs for more details.

And any static assets you want to bundle with your application, you want put them in the static directory. These assets can be directly referened from your markdown pages inside contents.

Step 5 - Build for deployment

If you're done writing your documentation and now you want to deploy it to your preferred service, build your Docxy application using the following command:

docxy build

This will build a blazing-fast production ready application from your documentation in a few moments. It should be available inside the build directory once it's done.

You can then deploy the contents of the build directory to any service you want and your awesome new documentation website is now live!

Docxy builds a "static" bundle of your documentation application. So you don't really need a server to deploy it. You can deploy it to services like GitHub Pages, GitLab Pages, etc.

Congratulations! 🎉