Migrating from AwesomeDocs to Docxy

This document serves the purpose of helping users migrate from Docxy v1 (AwesomeDocs) to Docxy v2.

The migration process will only take a couple of minutes.

Any documentation you've written for AwesomeDocs and any static assets you bundled with it doesn't need to be changed in any way. You can directly copy them over to Docxy and start using it seemlessly.

There are only few minor changes, as listed below, that you need to do to migrate to Docxy.

Contents Directory

The directory where all the markdown files and configurations lives is now named contents. Previously it was named content.


Docxy uses an entirely new CLI and therefore the AwesomeDocs CLI can't be used for Docxy.

You need to get the new Docxy CLI to get started with Docxy.


Docxy has some new features and does what AwesomeDocs did in significantly different ways. And therefore, some configuration options have been changed.

Checkout the configuration reference to learn about the new options to customize Docxy.