Installing Docxy

Learn how to install Docxy and get started in a few moments.

To use Docxy, first of all, you will need to have the Docxy CLI. You can get it in any one of the two ways mentioned below.

Option 1 - Install from Source

For this option you need to have Go installed for this.

You can directly install it from source simply by running the following command:

go get -u

This will automatically install docxy globally.

Option 2 - Get Binaries

You can directly get the latest version of the Docxy CLI binaries from GitHub Releases and place it somewhere in your $PATH so that you can access the docxy command from anywhere.

Additional Requirements

You also need to have these installed to build Docxy applications for local development as well as to create the production build.

  • Node.js - preferably the LTS version.
  • yarn or npm - in most cases, npm should already be bundled with Node.js itself.