Docxy CLI

Docxy CLI enables you to create and manage Docxy projects in a breeze.

The Docxy CLI is used to:

  • Create and initialize a Docxy project
  • Spin up a hot-reloading local development server
  • Build a production-ready website ready for deployment


This tool is packaged as an executable that can be used globally.

docxy [command]

The CLI Tool provides you with the following commands:


The create command is used to create a Docxy project in the specified directory.

It will create a new directory with the name you specify and will populate it with the initial files & configurations from the Docxy starter template repository.

docxy create <name>


The init command is used to initialize a Docxy project. It's used for initializing both new and old projects.

To initialize a directory (preferably, one that was created using the create command) as a Docxy project, run the following command inside the directory:

docxy init

This will make your project ready for development & building production release.


The serve command is used to spin up a hot-reloading website of your Markdown documentations with a local development server which you can view live, while working on your documentation.

To start the local development server of your Docxy project, run the following command inside the project directory:

docxy serve

This command also takes an optional port option so that you can bind the local development server to whatever port you want:

docxy serve [port]


The build command is used to build a server-side rendered website from your Markdown documentations which you can directly deploy it wherever you want.

To build a Docxy application, run the following command inside the project directory:

docxy build

This will create a "static" version of your website inside the build directory that you can deploy anywhere you want.